“Hello… it’s me”

*sing title pretending to be Adele*

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be a mermaid. 

Cue wallpapers and duvet sets plastered with whales and dolphins, writing pledges to protect them and building masses of lego submarines instead of playing with Barbie dolls. My mum now jokes that this backfired, as that 10 year old that was kept away from mass consumer Disney and Barbie’s, now resides in my 24 year old self that has an obsession for anything glittery and has no shame in loving going to Eurodisney.



My fascination with the ocean began much earlier, where at 11 months old; a screaming mini-me came eyeball-to-eyeball with a huge killer whale. No, my parents hadn’t thrown me into the ocean due to my ceaseless noise (I wouldn’t have blamed them) it was at Vancouver Aquarium and, although I’m avidly against captivity now, I swear that was the moment that sparked a love for the ocean. NB: my next dream career at the age of 6 was “farmer’s wife”, yes; I had aspirations for myself from an early age.


My beloved grandma used to call me “Imelda Marcos” and it was not without cause… at last count I owned 62 pairs of shoes. I can always justify a new pair. “Six pairs of black Chelsea boots?” “But these black Chelsea boots had a metal trim”. Unashamedly, as a (only just) size 3 that are always left redundant in every sale, it is incredibly easy to build up a titanic collection of shoes that I will never grow out, unlike clothes (see what I did there with the ocean reference?).

Yes. It is possible to have two, I guess polar opposite, loves: shoes and science. Maybe that would have made a more catchy blog title…

Other loves include: scuba-diving;those Instagram worthy adult colouring books; dancing; chocolate; travelling; cats; baths and passion-fruit (I seriously love them).

IMG_7972I lived in New Zealand for a while, and have explored 8.8% of the world (18 countries, so when I thought I’d done pretty well for 24 years old, that’s put it right into perspective). I once thought about writing about my adventures in a book called “My life as a geographer’s daughter”, but think I’ll need a catchier title if it ever happens*. I’ll put some of my mis-adventures in this blog for your enjoyment.

I have been toying with this blog malarky for a while, and worried that starting a personal blog is a little ego-tistical and possibly, forgive me, pretentious. And then I thought, why not. I love reading; I will give my best shot at writing; and I hope you enjoy this thought-outlet. This blog, is sorta’ an amalgamation of posts about interesting topics and headlines that have grabbed me, interspersed with some quirky things that I just find interesting, and then some more personal posts about my life: trying to survive in the world of ecology as a 5ft newbie graduate with sometimes ridiculously bad luck.

*sorry mum and dad


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