Cream of the crop: top five conservation champions  


This nomination is a tad different. Famous for the Harry Potter franchise, and then for making her mark with the HeforShe Campaign, she’s no stranger in the eyes of the public. However, she’s also a strong supporter of sustainable and ethical fashion, with her own Fair Trade-certified clothing line, as well as extending the lifespan of garments with her #30wears campaign. So whilst she’s not getting down and dirty with the critters like Attenborough or Backshall, she’s making a statement in other ways and using her platform to bring conservation to the attention of the masses. Check our her Met Gala gown made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.


These are just a couple that have really stood out for me, but who are your #conservationchampions?

*If you want a list of those that are cruelty free, click here


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