Fancy a dip? Shark vacation…

A huge mass of blacktip sharks (not to be confused with blacktip reef sharks) has been spotted just off the coast of Palm Beach Country, Florida. Whilst it might not be the time to go for a paddle, these 10,000+ sharks provide quite the sight! Although just a stone’s throw away from the shoreline there is no reason to run around in panic like a headless chicken. They have never given a fatal munch, like, ever, and they are super skittish so they will avoid us at all costs. Just be sensible, don’t go for your romantic swim at dusk or dawn when the sharkies like to hunt and are probably quite riled up in amongst all the fun.


Courtesy of @sharkmigration. Pretty amazing instagram, check it out.

Interestingly, the sharks are a little later than usual, possibly due to El Nino effects keeping this area warmer and well, why wouldn’t you hang around for a little more heat! One guy Steven Kajuira is tagging these blacktips to track where they are heading and their behaviour (have a look at some other tagged sharks with their very own twitter accounts: Mary-LeeFinleyEinstein and Betsy). He’s tagged 32 sharks so far, aiming for 60 total, to see what they are doing and why! Tagging can reveal key areas to prioritize for conservation, awkward cross-overs with fishing activities, and, as in this case, look at the impact of climate change on shark populations and distributions.

Pretty cool huh. Well, in this case, warm…Florida warm.



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