Bottoms up? #wildbum

Proof that scientists are not just a bunch of oddballs that enjoy staring down microscopes and throwing chemicals into beakers to see what explodes. They like to spend their time starting twitter trends such as…


I think it began with three ladies who fancied a laugh: @AnneWHilborn@AmidstScience and @Lee__Mc. The last hashtag that got me giggling like this was the #distractinglysexy one a couple months back, and I guess there is always room for a good bottom joke (bum-pun?).

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to use my favourite photo and co-incidentally perfectly angled tiger photo, ready to join #teammammal!


My personal photo, no stealing please 🙂 ©

I’ll update Friday morning, I guess going through the array of wildlife (butts) to pick out my favourite? What an exciting life I lead eh. Plus, I guess I’m glad it’s not just me that is nerding out over the array of wildlife hitting twitter right now – what a way to show the variety of species us scientists study?


20 hours later, it is still going strong – a testament to biologists across time-zones?!

Here are my #wildbum awards:

  • Most beautiful: @TrevorABranch  (though seriously, all of his contributions are pretty astounding, take a look…)
  • Most impressive: @WhySharksMatter
  • Most unbelievable: @nyprimatology (This looks photoshopped, I must admit I am mesmerized.)
  • Most bizarre: @LizMarchio Yes. That is a sea-urchin butt.
  • Cutest: @AnneWHilborn This will melt all hearts.
  • Most bums in one photo:@AnneWHilborn wins this one again.
  • “Bum I must confess that confused me most as to what it was”: CrawliesWithCri

I guess the lesson to be learn from all this… is never thow away those “dud” photos? You never know when it may be useful in a junk-off contest!



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